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The land coast, with particular emphasis the port-city, are in fact used more and more like a menu in which different users increasingly move freely according to their needs.
The new definition parameters with respect to which the landscapes are recognizable, articulating configurations, immutable, and not concluded, but on the contrary, variables are always open and more leads, not the placement of functions, but the interaction between subjects, and actually pushed social, cultural, political and economic ...
The port city now seems more like a miscellany, and a composite variable, the definition of which combine multiple devices and whose understanding and operational management appears to be no longer in the perimeter of registers and formal, but the identification of rules and tactics logical drive and able to predict particular outcomes and the evolution of the different dynamics and vocations.
“Dream City”, “Dream Lands” and “Dream Country” will constitute the new benchmarks in the definition of geographies based on imagination, perception and use of spaces and scenarios from the sensitivity of each individual and class user, until the size of the global imaginary fantasy, with respect to which space, urbanity and territories are distinguished as “complementary” or “complementary” depending on the specific “action brands” and “areas of opportunity”.

Keywords: Mediterranean cities, new paradigm, urban face.


Emanuela Nan

DICCA, University of Genoa, Genoa, Italy



Introduction. New cultural planning

The saturation and stratification of contemporary urban territories added to the speed of the changes brought about by instances, fashions, trend development of social, political, economic ... ever new and ever changing, has madding it increasingly difficult to define intervention programs and operations planning on a larger scale.  Although these processes are ongoing for some time and the administration and governance at all levels should seek to adapt continually defining and newly developed tools for faster and more flexible action, starting from the 90s town planning is becoming strategy planning, the ever increasing speed of change of the boundary conditions and the increased exponentially of the variables involved continues to highlight the need for more targeted approaches and clear horizons, dividing independently shares and function. In essence, today the planning seems to be working primarily through the identification of future scenarios and strategies operational times not to determine, but to coordinate a set of projects and actions of intervention on the cities and territories.

This condition, combined with the increasing scarcity of resources due to the economic crisis and to imposing a renewed ecological awareness, produces the emergence of a whole system of new paradigms which recognize their own definition in the use of the suffix re - :  re-cycle, re-activation, re- naturalization, re-connect, ...

The interesting aspect of the emergence of these logics is the substantial re-breaking and re-versing these underlying trend with respect to the consolidated implementation and continuous addition typical zoning and planning of the operations of the recent past.

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