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The scientific and cultural project EDA are the reasons the thought of Werner Heisenberg Nobel Prize for Physics in 1932

... It is probably true quite generally that in the history of human thinking the most fruitful developments frequently take place at those points where two different lines of thought meet. These lines may have their roots in quite different parts of human culture, in different times or different cultural environments or different religious traditions: hence if they actually meet, that is, if they are at least so much related to each other that a real interaction can take place, then one may hope that new and interesting developments may follow.






EdA Vol. 1, n.1, 2014


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A study on the right to housing reveals the needy to face the topic of housing affordability. In fact, this is a topic which is currently likely to become a social issue. Globalization is strongly connected to our metropolitan cities: goods and individual mobility increases, lifestyles and needs change, new ways of living arise.
The economic crisis is often seen as a brake on growth, but in reality it can turn into an opportunity to revitalize the research on new solutions and methods towards economic, environmental and social sustainability.
Against this background, the problem of housing emergency comes to light. New policies designed to stimulate social housing provisions have to be improved in order to develop the supply of affordable housing.
The Public Administration must recover its traditional role of promoting and financing housing initiatives. Public-private partnerships seem to be the best solution to share tasks and risks. The private actor collaborates as an investor, with means and resources, and the public body acts as a provider and supervisor of the process to protect general interest.
The challenge is to achieve a rational approach towards social housing. The experience of a country, such as Austria, has been a good example owing to the implementation of effective procedures and efficient management. Analysing this model it is possible to identify problems in the Italian system and to outline guidelines to develop new housing policies towards the achievement of social and sustainable projects.

Keywords: social housing, public authority, Vienna.

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The use of contemporary composite materials as a technological solution for façade systems has been increased and improved during the last few years. This because those innovative materials can assure high performances and environmentally friendly solutions. New generations of acrylic surfaces, laminates and aggregates panels are brought into trade everyday and more and more performant compositions are continuously tested.
Moreover, a specific attention on recycled materials is being paid in order to reduce energy building consumption and foster sustainable and avant-garde technologies. Consulting a material library like for example Material ConneXion, we can find thousands of different composites having a big variety of physical and aesthetical properties and made with infinite sorts of components (from carbon particles to bovine fibers!) and processes.
Unfortunately, only a small amount of these innovative materials are already used on the building construction field. Composite materials like artificial stones, solid surfaces (i.e. Corian Dupont), laminates (i.e. Alucobond) and other less known elements are nowadays commonly adopted for ventilated façade solutions and help projects reaching high levels of building sustainability certifications like LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) or KlimaHaus. The purpose of the following article is to analyze the thermic and physical benefits the application of composite materials on the building envelope generates in the sense of environmental design prescriptions.

Keywords: Composite materials, innovative façades, renewable cladding components.

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Experiencias desde la Gestión Ambiental Urbana
Usually the built heritage; the constructed floor; cultural diversity, and cultural landscapes are managed as objects of urban system and identifying value to society, and not as environmental problems , mainly urban . For urban environmental management behaves built heritage as environmental resources; Since they are the result of the interrelation society-nature . Although treated even in a limited way, so it is not commonly done management from this perspective. One reason for this is the sectorial approach, which associates the resource with its origin. A conceptual model and a methodology are development to integrate concepts, instruments and tools, which will provide a change in the state of urban environment through conservation of resources, built heritage value. The experiences of urban environmental management developed under ecosystem, strategic and participative approaches has allowed people of Holguin province , deploy conservation experiences . His main contribution has been to integrate the isolated efforts of the entities that manage these resources under the criteria of their contribution to local development from an environmental perspective that allows a group to meet social needs associated with specific conservation and urban areas; the environmental status of the city.

Keywords: Built heritage, value of the heritage, urban environmental management.

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The static conception of a warp of ''curved beams'' according to a horizontal position plane, hypothesized in glulam, it has had to confront with the impossibility of achieving structural elements with the desired geometry; the productive scenery, at present, solves only solutions arc mixtilinear, the only type derivable from the glulam with horizontal arrangement of the slats. This study, including the reasons for the detected limit, has investigated the technological feasibility of the glulam with a vertical arrangement of the slats, the only one that would allow a curvature in the horizontal position plane. To proceed in this direction, it was considered essential, advance, characterize the new material under the theoretical-experimental profile, analyzing the technical problems, to be addressed through a review of the production cycle, and researching the failure mechanisms, through a program of experimental tests.

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The seismic vulnerability of vernacular architecture
The urban census, here proposed, is aimed at an expeditious as articulated knowledge of state of consistency, conservation and seismic risk of the architectural vernacular heritage, especially from the point of view of the seismic vulnerability, giving as assumed the condition of unpredictability of an seismic event, which is as evident as the probability of an earthquakes, characterized by an assigned intensity, in a pre-defined areas and considering a pre-assigned time window. The tool, described below, does not have a technical value in the narrow sense, it primarily do not want to suggest how to act on historic vernacular buildings, but rather it wants to provide general technical data of whether it is possible to intervene, proposing a preliminary scenario about outcomes, which are reasonably obtainable in particularly complex and compromise, contexts as, at first glance, it might seem, in terms of preservation of historical architectural vernacular heritage, in the case study of San Procopio. The contextual conditions are often the reason of the need to propose an expeditious tool, which is not only fast and unique, although at the same time able to document and represent complexity and variants of an architecture without architects, but also able to be used with a good level of control and uniformity by the average practitioner and professional, although not particularly experienced under the point of view of how to read and understand the ancient building, above all if not monumental, especially in terms of seismic performance.

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