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The scientific and cultural project EDA has identified its aim in the thought of Werner Heisenberg, Nobel Prize for the Physics in 1932

... It is probably true quite generally that in the history of human thinking the most fruitful developments frequently take place at those points where two different lines of thought meet. These lines may have their roots in quite different parts of human culture, in different times or different cultural environments or different religious traditions: hence if they actually meet, that is, if they are at least so much related to each other that a real interaction can take place, then one may hope that new and interesting developments may follow.







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Novita' editoriale

 Conoscere, conservare, valorizzare. Il patrimonio culturale religioso

a cura di Olimpia Niglio con Chiara Visentin

3 volumi monografici editi da Aracne Editrice, ottobre 2017




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Ultimi Articoli

Jose Arechabala. S.A. Su impacto en la conservacion.
This paper synthesizes a partial result of the research carried out for the rescue of the collective memory of Cardenas's town; associated with the industrial epic of the firm ''Jose Arechabala S.A.'', one of the largest prestigious rum's distilleries in the island of Cuba and in the world in the twentieth century. It is part of the master's thesis of the main author's paper. From the history of the city and its harbor, one of the country's principal in this period, as well as its urban characteristics, the research identifies how these particularities allowed the process of creation and expansion of this industrial complex and highlights its importance in the economic and cultural rise of Cuba. It exposes great part of the elements that demonstrate that the Arechabala's history possesses unquestionable historical, urban, cultural and social values. The results achieved are intended to support the recognition and valorisation of this industry and its urban context that nowadays are depleted and that was an element key in the economic and social sphere of its town; being a scenery for the world of prosperity that a small city could achieve thanks to its industries and the actions of its people identified with her.

Keywords: Collective memory, Valorisation, Industrial heritage

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La mostra su Leonardo da Vinci del 1939 a Milano
Documents own to Ignazio Calvi, Secretary of the Scientific Committee of the Exhibition dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, held in Milan in 1939, let us value preliminary stages of the organization, such as the selection of members of many committes, or cultural policy and aims of the Exhibition. One of the main contribution are the lists of things to show, referred to each field of Leonardo's knowledge. In the case of architecture, a comparison has been realised between the preliminary list (with the sources of drawings and models) and the real exposition, presented through the Catalogue, after the radical changes of the architect Giuseppe Pagano, who organized the Exhibition.

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Lo schermo della periferia
This essay intends to investigate the urban and human dimension in the movies of De Sica, Pasolini and Rosi. It intends to investigate, in particular, two pivotal movies in Pier Paolo Pasolini's Roman period, such as Accattone (1961) and Mamma Roma (1962), and Il tetto (1956) of De Sica, focusing on the re-semantization of film space related to a specific suburb area and the historical context. Accattone e Mamma Roma plots develop deeply linked both to Pasolini Fifty's romances and INA-Casa Government urban plan. Il Tetto plots develop inside of the neorealistic language of Zavattini and De Sica. In fact, at that time, Rome has started expanding its borders, building new suburbs in which a particular social class has gone living. In the three so-called movies 'della borgata' historical, social and architectonical background merges into fictional screen crossing disciplinary fields. Le mani sulla citta' (1963) by Rosi reveals another aspect of suburbs: the urban speculation. The four films represent both the genesis of the suburbs of Italian cities and their current problems.

Keywords: INA-Casa, Rome, Naples, dwelling, urban space, cinema and architecture, borgata.

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The oasis: a story of displacement and resistance
This text describes the result of a participatory project I carried out in July 2015, in Moravia, a neighborhood located in Medellin, Colombia. The contemporary art center Fundacion Casa 3 Patios'and the Colombian Ministry of Culture aided the initiative; the former is an organization that researches pedagogy with social impact, alternative art, participatory town planning, architecture and curatorship. This project is part of a long-term practice-led research that investigates how artistic, design and humanistic appropriations of public space can inspire collective agency and positive transformations in neglected scenarios. In these situations the ephemeral interventions represent a pretext for activating a given social dynamic, rather than being the main goal of the research.

Keywords: Colombia, Social Cartographies, Mapping, Civic Agency, Participatory Art.
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Fundaciones frustradas de conventos de monjas
The establishment of nunneries in different parts of the world corresponded to a desire of each order to expand their devotions throughout the territory, in an act that can be considered as an early form of the phenomenon known as globalization.The process followed in order to set up establish found a nunnery was complex and several factors were taken in consideration such as, good management, legal advice, and the existence of economic resources to guarantee the material construction of the urban-architectural ensemble and subsequently the support of the nuns, especially in the convents of nuns without money which is the case of the present work.
In this paper we reflect on the process of founding the convents of Franciscan nuns that were only were only proyects that weren't carried out and did not come to materialize in the bishopric of Michoacan, Mexico in the XVIII and XIX.

Key words: nuns, capuchins, globalization
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